TPM Setup

TPM Setup is a Mac application which can be used to setup and take ownership of your TPM.

If your Mac was purchased between May and October, 2006 (these dates are to the best of our knowledge), it probably has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. Briefly, a TPM can be used for protected encryption operations, and most significantly, for keeping your encryption keys hidden in hardware, where (presumably) they can't be tampered with.

If you can use, there's a pretty simple test for determining if your Mac has a TPM.

You can read more about the TPM.

Warnings and Caveats...

TPM Setup is a demo, use at your own risk.

TPM Setup is an Intel binary, so it can only be used on Intel Macs, and will only be useful on those Intel Macs which contain a TPM.

TPM Setup can only be used if you have Administrator privileges on your Mac. You'll need to be familiar with a UNIX shell, running shell scripts and you'll need sudo privileges.

Download TPM Setup 1.0 for FREE

TPMSetup-1.0.dmg for Mac OS X (Intel only) 304K bytes

Once the disk image opens, you'll need to carefully follow these instructions for using the app to setup your TPM. These instructions can also be found in the disk image README.txt.


Keep an eye on these pages. Comet Way plans to release a simple file encryption utility for your TPM Mac soon.


This work builds on the excellent work put together by Amit Singh: Trusted Computing for Mac OS X, which in turn makes use of the Trousers package. Comet Way would also like to thank the TPM Work Group of the Trusted Computing Group, for making a Closed Door specification mostly ubiquitous.

TPM Setup is Copyrighted © 2007 by Comet Way, Inc.

Distribution of TPM Setup is prohibited without prior consent.

All questions and comments about TPM Setup should be directed to


Description: Version 1.0, Copyright (c) 2007, Comet Way, Inc.

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