VisionSynth: Screensaver for Mac OS X

Following in the tradition of other popular Psychedelic Spiral Screensavers Comet Way is pleased to release version 2.0 of its own unique screensaver for the Mac: VisionSynth.

Download VisionSynth 2.0 for FREE

There's no charge, so you can get started right away!

20080114-VisionSynth-2.0.dmg for Mac OS X (Universal) 192K bytes

Once the disk image opens, you can double-click VisionSynth.saver to install it into your Screensaver Preferences. You can then select VisionSynth from the list of screensavers and enjoy VisionSynth using its default settings.

Sorry, there are currently no versions of VisionSynth for Windows or Linux. Because most of VisionSynth is written for OpenGL, its conceivable that we might in the future. Let us know if you are interested in VisionSynth on other platforms.

After you stare at VisionSynth awhile, you may find yourself interested in exploring VisionSynth's numerous configuration parameters. You can read more about VisionSynth Configuration here.

VisionSynth is Copyrighted © 2008 by Comet Way, Inc.

Distribution of VisionSynth is prohibited without prior consent.

All questions and comments about VisionSynth may be directed to


Description: Version 2.0, Copyright (c) 2008, Comet Way, Inc.

Updated: Mon Jan 14 23:06:24 EST 2008