20080114 VisionSynth 2.0 Release

Following in the tradition of other popular Psychedelic Spiral Screensavers Comet Way is pleased to release Version 2.0 of its own unique screensaver for the Mac: VisionSynth. It adds some uniqueness and variety of its own while retaining many of the familiar movements you love about spiral screensavers. VisionSynth is an amazingly fast and smooth when run on OpenGL supported hardware. Version 2.0 was rewritten completely in Objective-C and includes many performance optimizations and many aesthetic tweaks. Added to the configuration panel are a second radius and the option to display squares or triangles.

20070613 TPM Setup 1.0 Release

Find out what you can do with your TPM enabled Macintosh using TPM Setup.

If your Mac was purchased between May and October, 2006, it probably has a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip. Briefly, a TPM can be used for protected encryption operations, and most significantly, for keeping your encryption keys hidden in hardware, where (presumably) they can't be tampered with.